Feng Shui is a Chinese system of setting your indoor spaces so as to create balanced flow of energy in your house. Feng Shui literally translates to Wind & Water.  In traditional Asian cultures, wind and water are considered to be sacred and authoritative forces of nature.  The Chinese conceived that gratifying the Deities of Wind and Water lends good fate.

Water fountains have following feng shui applications:

1.  Water fountain operates by applying an electric pump.  Water pumps were important in Chinese culture because of the direct relationship with rice growing.  Farmers who were able to use the pump technology were significantly wealthier than the rest of the farmers.  Traditional Chinese farmers believed that a water pump brings tremendous of wealth.  Since then, a water pump has been associated with wealth.  Symbolically, by using a a water pump in your water fountain, positive energy of wealth and fortune is attracted. Additionally, electricity is a galvanizing force. When combined with water, it is bullocky in power.  This combination of water and electricity in a water fountain is what is referred to as the balance of yin and yan, the feminine and the masculine.  This balance is what makes a water fountain a special feng shui element.

2. There is a direct correlation between creativity and free-flow of water.  It is believed that free flow of water increases productiveness and enhances creativeness.  Water fountains provide clean medium for the free movement of water and thereby directly increase the creativeness and productiveness.  

3. Green plants like bamboo, when added to the water fountain, create vivacious indoor environment.  The oxygen produced from these green floras improves the indoor air quality which results in improved wellness and life-quality.  

4. Indoor Fountains (e.g. bamboo water fountain) produces a trickling sound of water.  This soft sound of dripping water is one of the most relaxing sounds to freshen up and restore your mind from daily strain.

5. The mountains rocks and river stones that are placed in tabletop fountains as ornamental elements bring with them the centuries old qi with them.  This vigour is considered to be the fortunate energy of mother earth.  This fortunate energy results in an instant feeling of relaxation and being focused.

When feng shui is applied in your interior, it unleashes your creative thinking and helps you create the life that you have always desired.  The ancient science of feng shui is believed to have considerable impact in one's life if applied correctly.  To find out more about how to apply feng shui in your life, visit your local feng shui consultant.
10/20/2010 08:13:18 pm

I agree. Water fountains are an essential part of Feng Shui.

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