Flower Vase Feng Shui Tabletop Fountain
This beautiful feng shui fountain is hand crafted.  As the water flows from vase onto the natural slate back in the copper bowl, a refreshing feeling of calmness and inner-peace is created.
Learn more about this exquisite Flower Vase Tabletop Fountain. Quantity Left: 1
Bamboo Tabletop Feng Shui Fountain
This beautiful bamboo fountain will calm your senses and soothe your spirit with the mild splashing water sounds on polished river stones. Learn more about Bamboo Slide Tabletop Fountain - It is one of the finest bamboo feng shui fountain.  Quantity Left: 3
Feng Shui Tabletop Fountain with Dragon Carvings
This unique feng shui fountain has a carving of a dragon on natural slate.  A happy dragon when carved onto slate is a Feng Shui symbol of wealth and power.  Learn more about this auspicious Flying Dragon Tabletop Fountain - Items in stock: 1
Fish Carved Feng Shui Tabletop Fountain
Koi fish is carved on the high quality natural slate of this hand crafted fountain.  In traditional Chinese culture, Koi fish is considered to be the symbol of friendship and affection.  This beautiful fountain is believed to attract new friends and strengthen existing relationships.  Learn more about Koi Fish Tabletop Fountain