Zen Wall Tabletop Fountain
This unique design features several powerful feng shui elements in one place: copper bowl (Base) represents stability, flowing water represents flexibility, and natural stone (bowl) represents practicability. 

Zen Wall Tabletop Fountain attracts strong positive chi in your life.  In feng shui lore, the combination of these three feng shui elements is considered to be ideal for creating a stable, fulfilling, and spiritually awakening life. 

The exquisite combination of hand made stone bowl, unique zen wall, river stones, and hand crafted copper bowl, this beautiful fountain creates a "zen sanctuary" for your indoors.  Learn more about Zen Wall Tabletop Fountain

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Spring Rain Tranquility Zen Fountain
Made from a wooden artifact found centuries ago in Bali, this historic piece brings a serenity and peace to its surroundings.  The carvings rest on beautifully hand crafted copper bowl. 

As water flows from beautiful figurine on the bowl, it's mild splashing sounds soothe your soul and rejuvenate your mind. 

One of the most effective feng shui fountains, this exquisite zen fountain is believed to attract vision, stability, and wealth in your life.  Learn more about Spring Rain Tabletop Fountain